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Speech, Language, Voice, Cognitive, & Swallowing Evaluations & Therapy

At Elite Therapy & Wellness, we take a holistic approach to therapy, and rather than focusing on just the deficits, we consider all aspects of the person including mental, emotional, physical, and social well-being.  From teens and young adults to the geriatric population, taking a holistic and evidence-based approach to therapy supports our patients in achieving optimal wellness. 


Our speech therapy services will typically begin with an evaluation to understand you or your loved one's current skills levels and challenges. Following the evaluation, we will review the results and collaborate with the patient and family to develop a holistic plan of care that will address all areas of need. 

Once therapy begins, our compassionate speech therapists will monitor the patient's progress and adapt goals as needed. Ongoing patient and family education and home practice programs are a part of all of our services. At Elite Therapy and Wellness, we are committed to making sure our patients feel comfortable and understood. 


Speech, Language, and Cognitive Therapy 

Elite Therapy and Wellness recommends an evaluation and therapy for individuals experiencing any of the following:

  • Speech that is difficult to understand 

  • Difficulty finding words

  • Trouble putting words into a sentence

  • Challenges understanding what others are saying

  • Difficulty remembering things

  • A desire for more independence and safety in the home

  • Stroke or TBI recovery

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • Dementia/Alzheimer's related challenges 

Therapy addresses each individual's specific needs to optimize communication, independence, participation in activities, social relationships, and overall quality of life.


When working with individuals with dementia, speech therapists focus on cognitive stimulation, communication and memory strategies, and family education.


With all of our therapy services, caregivers are always welcome in our sessions and will be taught strategies to support their loved ones at home. 

Dementia Care Partner Coaching

As certified Dementia Capable Care specialists, our multi-disciplinary team provides side-by-side support for caregivers and families managing dementia or Alzheimer's. Whether you are navigating a major life change or setting up your home to help your loved one age in place, our team is dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone involved. 

  • Home safety assessments and setting up the environment for independence 

  • Educating about the disease and dementia stages 

  • Dementia staging and understanding progression

  • Prepare for the future as the disease progresses 

  • Expert support to reduce the anxiety and worry in caring for a loved one with dementia, Alzheimer's, or memory loss​

  • Learn strategies to maximize communication and memory recall

  • Training on how to implement external memory aids

  • Learn how to provide individualized cognitive stimulation tasks

  • Support to confidently make decisions and advocate for loved ones

  • Support for changes in behaviors/emotions, safety with medications, safety with finances, resistance to bathing/dressing, the decline in self-care, concerns with driving, weight loss or appetite changes, and how to know when increased care is recommended


Voice Evaluations

Elite Therapy and Wellness uses videostroboscopy to assess voice disorders. This evidence-based evaluation provides the speech therapist a magnified view of the vocal cords in slow-motion. Videostroboscopy assesses a number of vocal parameters to identify irregular motion of the vocal folds and the underlying cause such as nodules, inflammation, scar tissue, or muscle tension conditions.  Videostroboscopy is recommended for teens and adults experiencing:

  • Ongoing hoarseness or prolonged laryngitis

  • Feeling out of breath while talking

  • Difficulty raising the volume of your voice

  • A tight or strained vocal quality

  • Voice changes related to Parkinson's Disease

  • Exercise-induced paradoxical vocal fold motion disorder 

Following the evaluation, our team is trained in providing evidence-based voice therapy solutions for teens and adults.

Voice Therapy

  • LSVT and SPEAK OUT!® is a therapy approach developed by the Parkinson Voice Project that combines education and individual speech therapy to help people with Parkinson’s improve the strength, loudness, and clarity of their speech and voice. 

  • Buteyko Breathing Technique (BBT) is an evidence-based approach for reducing exertion or stressed-induced shortness of breath, Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion (PVFM), and concomitant hyperventilation. 

  • Casper Stone Confidential Flow is a method that incorporates a "flow"-type voice to increase airflow and lessen laryngeal tension for patients experiencing voice problems due to overuse and vocal abuse.

  • Lessac Resonance Voice Therapy is an evidence-based solution for individuals with soft or breathy voice due to vocal nodules or polyps. LRVT improves vocal resonance to achieve a strong, clear voice while teaching techniques to avoid future vocal fold injury.


Swallow Evaluations

Elite Therapy and Wellness is proud to offer the gold-standard in swallow evaluations - Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES). FEES utilizes an endoscope to assess a person's ability to swallow safely. During the assessment, the trained speech therapist will provide the patient with food and liquid to assess the swallow function before, during, and after a swallow. 


Individuals at risk of a swallowing disorder (dysphagia) will benefit from a FEES to ensure they are not silently aspirating saliva, food, or liquids. Silent aspiration puts a person at risk for pneumonia. A swallow evaluation is recommended for individuals with:

  • Stroke or TBI

  • Parkinson's Disease and other progressive diseases

  • Head and neck cancer

  • Dementia/Alzheimer's

  • Unexplained weight loss

We also partner with local ENTs, physicians, home health agencies, and skilled nursing facilities to provide onsite mobile FEES services for your patients. Contact Laura today to learn more. 

Swallow Therapy

Following the evaluation, the speech therapist will make immediate recommendations related to the types, textures, and thickness of foods and liquids, optimum positioning while eating, and safe swallow strategies.


When appropriate, we also offer dysphagia therapy and have training in the following evidence-based approaches:

  • McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program (MDTP) is an intensive and systematic exercise-based therapy program designed to  improve the strength, speed, and coordination of a person's swallow

  • Myofascial release and manual therapy to address fibrosis in individuals who have undergone radiation therapy for head and neck cancer

  • AmpCare combines neuromuscular electrical stimulation with resistance exercises to treat dysphagia

  • VitalStim  is a non-invasive therapy to treat swallow  disorders through the use of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

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